Bondys Contractors refrigeration and air conditioning FAQ, Horsham

To what areas does Bondys Contractors provide services?

Bondys Contractors is based in Horsham, Victoria and provides electrical contracting and electrician services throughout the Wimmera Region and Western Victoria including Mildura, Swan Hill, Horsham, Ballarat, Bendigo, Warrnambool and Portland. Contact Bondys to discuss your project and your location.

Can Bondys Contractors help me choose the right air conditioning system for my commercial business?

Yes, Bondys Contractors is experienced and qualified in all aspects of air conditioning installation Horsham, supply and repair. Bondys stocks, recommends and understands air conditioning systems from a wide range of manufacturers and brands, and, given your specific requirements and conditions, can recommend a unit to suit your budget and objectives.

Does Bondys Contractors undertake industrial scale electrical contracting?

Yes, Bondys specialises in electrical contracting for industrial and commercial customers throughout Western Victoria. The Bondys business grew from a background in managing large-scale air conditioning and refrigeration contracts for commercial and industrial clients. The Bondys team is confident and comfortable on commercial/industrial sites and experienced in providing electrical contracting services to multi-site customers. Review Past Projects and Contact Bondys to arrange a confidential discussion about your requirements.