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Evaporative Coolers Air Conditioning, Horsham

Evaporative cooling is a cost-effective, low-noise way to cool your home or commercial premises during a hot Horsham and district summer. This natural air conditioning method uses only air and water, no artificial refrigerants.

A typical evaporative cooler draws hot air in and passes it through wet pads. As the water evaporates it absorbs the heat in the air and the cool air is then fanned through the room, forcing hot air out through open windows and doors. Evaporative coolers can also be used as air conditioning systems in open zones such as workshop sand patios.

There are a myriad of air conditioning options on the market. Bondys can recommend the right air conditioning system for your needs. Contact Bondys Contractors in Horsham to talk through the options and request a no obligation quote for your new air conditioning system installation.