Choosing energy efficient electrical products Horsham

December 5 2012

If you haven’t been living under a rock for the past few years, you are well aware that Victorians are facing increasing electricity prices. Many of us are adopting energy efficient electrical products to help reduce those costs and at the same time tread more lightly on the planet.

The Australian Government has committed to a national target of reducing our carbon pollution to 25% below the 2000 level by 2020.

But how do you make the right choices about products? Which ones are right for your needs and budget? Which ones work? Which ones don’t? Which ones will have the greatest impact on reducing your overall energy consumption?

That’s where EcoSmart Electricians  step into the frame.

EcoSmart Electricians and Contractors are trained in:

  • energy management
  • lighting
  • pumps, fans and motors
  • solar generation systems, heating and cooling.

Through training, EcoSmart Electricians become experts in energy efficiency and are the ideal professionals to help you choose energy efficient electrical products for your home or industrial/commercial premises.

Seeking out the expertise of an EcoSmart Electrician can save you money, provide you with informed choice options, reduce your energy consumption, reduce your carbon footprint and thereby help you tread more lightly on our planet. EcoSmart Electricians can also assist customers in complying with the Building Code of Australia’s energy efficiency standards for commercial and public buildings

EcoSmart Electricians are committed to adding value for their customers via recommending and installing suitable energy efficient electrical products Horsham.

They are also dedicated to connecting themselves and their communities to a more sustainable future.